Tabletop Roleplaying in the Mythic New World During the Age of Exploration
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Heirs to the Lost World
Rules Overview

The core mechanic allows players to decide how their characters are expending effort. Action is cinematic (rather than realistic) and heroic (rather than gritty). Players make tactical decisions in a system that rewards creative and interesting stunts, thus keeping the game exciting on both narrative and mechanical levels.

The game includes:

  • A cinematic combat system simple enough to run large battles yet interesting enough for climatic duels.
  • A flexible point-buy character creation system with optional Paths. For faster play, use one of the sample Heroes representing the most typical character types.
  • An advancement system in which Heroes gain skills and abilities by using their skills in dramatic ways, satisfying their motivations, and portraying their complications.
  • A free-form magic system representing alchemy, voodoo, sun magic, blood magic, and shamanism. Players can use sample spells or make their own during play.


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