Tabletop Role-playing in the Mythic New World During the Age of Exploration
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RPG Inspiration Cards

Obsidian Serpent Games is proud to announce the release of our RPG Inspiration Cards. RPG Inspiration Cards come in a 60 card deck that serves as a flexible tool to help aid creativity and interest to any group's role-playing games. With a little thought and planning, they can be added to any role-playing system, and can be used by players and gamemasters alike. Cards can be used before play like Tarot cards to get the creative juices flowing. Cards can also be used as a player resource during play which players use to add to the story or scene, or to help their rolls. Alternately a GM could just keep the deck nearby and flip a card every time she needs inspiration.

Download the short instruction sheet.

Heirs to the Lost World

Heirs to the Lost World is a table-top (pencil and paper) role-playing game set at the fringe of contact between the Old and New Worlds in an alternate history in which the Aztec Empire never fell.

Setting Overview
The year is 1665 and the Americas are a land of mystery and adventure. Using their ancient powers of sorcery, the Aztecs have been fighting off Spanish conquistadors for almost 150 years... (more)

Rules Overview
The core mechanic allows players to decide how their characters are expending effort. Action is cinematic (rather than realistic) and heroic (rather than gritty). Players make tactical decisions in a system that rewards creative and interesting stunts, thus keeping the game exciting on both narrative and mechanical levels...(more)

Design Goals
One way to think about RPGs is to consider three aspects: the setting, the system, and the way the setting and system interact. Here are my design goals in these three areas...(more)




Playtesters Wanted!

Intersted in being an Heirs to the Lost World playtester?

If so, contact the designer at: chad *at* ObsidianSerpent *dot* com


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External Links

Design Blog


Google Group

Contact the designer at: chad *at* ObsidianSerpent *dot* com

Power 19

Heirs to the Lost World's Power 19. The Power 19 are 19 questions that help describe what a role playing game is like.


Image Gallery
Check out the Heirs to the Lost World Image Gallery for some example artwork found in the game.




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